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About Us

In 2014, our paths crossed and resulted in what seemed to be an endless and engaging conversation about craft beer. Upon the realization that we have the same vision of wanting to supply quality craft beer to our local area, the journey began. Three friends, two with a family history in brewing and one with a strong business background, decided to pursue this vision of opening a craft brewery in Steveston, B.C.
The years to follow would be intense, requiring countless hours of planning, many late nights of construction and a large capital investment put forward so that we can realize our dream of providing our locals with their very own craft brewery “Britannia Brewing”.
Our brewery, dedicated to Steveston’s nautical history, can be found just up the Fraser River in Richmond and in Steveston Village at the Britannia Steveston Restaurant where we are proud to serve our locally crafted beer to you our guest, our friends.
Owner’s Kyle, Trystam and Lloyd welcome you to our establishment located at 12500 Horseshoe Way in Richmond, BC Unit 110.

Our Story

At Britannia Brewing it is our mission to brew best in class ales. Following British tradition and West Coast ingenuity, we use quality seasonal ingredients and our natural crafted ales are all preservative free. Our company follows a detailed and regimented process and we have worked hard to tweak our brewhouse so that we can offer our clients well balanced and top ales with each brew.
As an organization our group is dedicated to a simple Vision and Mission and we reflect on our Values throughout the day so that we can hold ourselves accountable when growing our craft brewery.


To grow our operations naturally without compromising quality in our product and services.


To secure a strong local reputation and brand that can grow and include exciting opportunities for our clients and team to experience in the future.



We believe that our craft beer should be prepared with quality ingredients and a persistent attention to detail.

Hard Work

Success will be achieved by working hard in our day.




Raising the bar is necessary and by doing so we must identify our brand in a way that is unique and appreciated by our loyal customers.


Together but not divided we will accomplish our goals.



At Britannia Brewing Co we aim to brew with British tradition and west coast ingenuity using the best seasonal ingredients we can get.

Our ales are naturally crafted.


Adrift Hop Blond Ale

Adrift Hop Blond Ale

4.7%alc 25ibu

Inspired by our home surrounded by the ocean and mountains this natural ale is brewed with generous late additions of local hops, creating aromas of citrus and tropical fruit. The palate is balanced and dry with subtle bitterness to complete this refreshing ale. “Set yourself Adrift”
Wave Crusader XPA

Wave Crusader XPA

5.7% 45ibu

Falling somewhere between a British pale ale and American IPA, our extra pale ale uses UK crystal malts to balance west coast hops; allowing the resiny citrus of the hops to shine without the bitterness overwhelming your palate.
Ashore Rye Porter

Ashore Rye Porter

5.1%alc 32ibu

A twist on the traditional brown style Porter, a portion of malted Rye is added which gives a spicy finish, chocolate flavors with hints of nuts and lightly roasted coffee make this a sessionable dark ale. We use only the finest British and local malts, which create a distinct sweetness as this ale warms your glass.


Riptide Rye IPA

Riptide Rye IPA

6.0% 58ibu

Brewed in the North East style with British yeast, Amarillo hops and flaked rye.  Apricots and nectarine meet citrus/mandarin orange with undertones of melon, creating juicy flavours with soft spicy tones of Rye.  Follow the tide and enjoy the flavour and aromas of this fresh IPA.
Sirens Chai Saison

Sirens Chai Saison

5.7% 22ibu

The Sirens call to lure you into this refreshing and effervescent farmhouse ale.  Kettling a local chai tea blend of rooibos, orange, star anise, clove and pepper all adding up to give off a unique spice aroma that compliments our Belgian yeast.
Sea Maiden Watermelon Sour

Sea Maiden Watermelon Sour

4.5% ABV (no IBU listed)

Sour in nature, this briny Sea Maiden will offer the scent of an ocean’s breeze. Fermented with Lactobacillus, watermelon meets pink Himalayan salt for a crisp, light, and refreshing retreat. 


Boardwalk Triospical Pale Ale

Boardwalk Triospical Pale Ale

4.3% ABV (no IBU listed)

A blend of American and British Yeast, as well as Sacc. Trois, ferment this straw coloured; cloudy; pale ale to a dry finish. Esters of pineapple and tropical fruit compliment an aggressive dry hop, leaving a hugely fruity beer with a smooth and refined bitterness.

Lazy Sunday Blondemosa

Lazy Sunday Blondemosa

4.3% ABV (no IBU listed)

The brunch staple reborn: our crisp, refreshing adrift Blonde Ale melds with fresh squeezed orange juice creating the perfect beer for a long weekend lazing on the patio.

Sea Hound Oatmeal Stout

Sea Hound Oatmeal Stout

5.2% ABV - 24 IBU

Our Seahound Oatmeal Irish Cream Stout uses roasted malts bolstered with cold-brew from Steveston Coffee Co. Oats and lactose provide a rich creamy texture while aromas of chocolate and coffee are balanced by a dry finish. Slainte!


Britannia Brewing Corp.
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Richmond, B.C.
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