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Beer Club

The Benefits?


... well sort of.

With this purchase you will receive a personalized membership card that allows you one free pint, per week at any BBco. location. you will need to pay a small fee annually to prove to us you are still a serious beer drinker (and to cover our admin costs). On top of that you will also have unlimited access member only flat pricing. We call this part the “Stock Your Fridge Program” because when you are a member we don’t think you should ever reach for a beer that isn’t there. As much as it is our job to keep you hydrated it is also our job to keep you looking sharp. So as a member you also will get 10% off brewery merchandise. Does this sound interesting to you? Have a look below to find out all the details. 

  • 01. SIGN UP
    01. SIGN UP

    Complete the online sign up form below

  • 02. PAYMENT
    02. PAYMENT

    When you Sign up you will be charged $150 for your first year and then automatically charged a small fee annually annually. Your Membership will auto renew until you cancel.

  • 03. Free Beer
    03. Free Beer

    After signing up as a Britannia Brewing co Beer Club member you we be sent a free beer offer via our membership app at the beginning of every week redeemable until the following week.

  • 04. PICK UP
    04. PICK UP

    While you are enjoying that free pint is the perfect time to pick up a flat or two at your member-exclusive price. Available for flats of 24 cans only, with no limit on flats

  • 05. ENJOY
    05. ENJOY

    Members get to drink their fresh BBCo beers! It's that easy!