Britannia Brewing Co





Britannia Brewing is pleased to support our local communities and charities. We take pride in the Communities we get to call home and want to give back where we can. We prioritize donations within our communities. We know that each and every request we receive supports a wonderful cause and we are honoured to be included in so many great initiatives.

Our restaurants receive a very large number of requests for donations and sponsorships on a regular basis. In lieu of sponsorships or cash donations, we offer gift cards for prizes, raffle draws or silent auctions.

To better manage these requests, we have chosen to exclusively receive requests electronically to ensure that every charitable cause is treated equally while still supporting an array of community initiatives.

Please email all requests to the specific location in your community and include the following:

  • Date of the fundraiser
  • Contact name, email, and phone number
  • PDF Letter, on official letterhead, describing the fundraiser and where it will be held
  • Official nonprofit number (if applicable)
  • Donation Request
  • Description of how Britannia Brewing will be promoted as a donor
  • If a tax receipt can be issued or not

Please allow a minimum of 3 full weeks notice prior to your fundraising event. We will contact you for more information and donation pick up times.

We will do our best to accommodate qualifying requests within our budget. Due to the large number of donation inquiries, we cannot donate to all requests so we try to rotate among the different community groups. Denial of a request should not be considered a judgment about your organization. Please try again in a future fundraiser.

Thanks for your understanding and good luck with your Fundraiser!